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What Does It Take to Be a Data Champion?

Rachel Rank of UK-based 360Giving introduces a new kind of “data expedition” for professionals looking to connect with their work and each other.

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Building Better Data Policies with Digital Impact

“For the first time, we had to develop organizational guidelines to distinguish between public and private data,” writes Kevin Clark—a reflection on the challenge of reworking his organization’s grants process and building new data policies to reflect its mission.

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Data Conversation with Rachel Rank

Rachel Rank, Chief Executive of 360Giving, talks about her organization’s open data initiative for grantmaking.

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Funding need, not want

Perpetual Limited is one of Australia’s oldest trustee companies and largest managers of philanthropic funds. The story of how Perpetual refocused its philanthropy business to build non-profit capacity (particularly digital capacity), as opposed to project funding, is nearly 130 years in the making.  In this article we look at how that change occurred and the […]

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Mark Surman on the NetGain Partnership

Mozilla Foundation’s Mark Surman discusses the NetGain Partnership and its work to make the Internet open, secure, and accessible for all.

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How Come This Foundation’s Grantees Love its Reporting Process So Much?

    Most charities hate the reporting which funders make them do. Notionally a learning process, it’s often just compliance, box-ticking and a dead-weight cost. But not so apparently for the Inter-American Foundation, an independent US government agency which grant-funds citizen-led community development across Latin America and the Caribbean. IAF seems to be a positive outlier: […]

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