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Caroline Fiennes

Caroline Fiennes is one of the few people whose work has appeared in both The Lancet and OK! Magazine. She is a leading advocate and campaigner for effective philanthropy, in which she has worked for twelve years. She serves on boards of: Charity Navigator; The Cochrane Collaboration; the Center for Effective Philanthropy; and leading international development think-tank the Center for Global Development. She works with Innovations for Poverty Action and formerly with J-PAL at MIT. A former award-winning charity CEO herself, she founded Giving Evidence which advises donors of various descriptions and in many countries about effective giving, and conducts research to improve it

Posts by Caroline Fiennes

How Come This Foundation’s Grantees Love its Reporting Process So Much?

    Most charities hate the reporting which funders make them do. Notionally a learning process, it’s often just compliance, box-ticking and a dead-weight cost. But not so apparently for the Inter-American Foundation, an independent US government agency which grant-funds citizen-led community development across Latin America and the Caribbean. IAF seems to be a positive outlier: […]

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Finding More Value In Charities’ Research

  Quite possibly, some NGO has discovered a great way to, say, prevent re-offending or improve literacy, but nobody else knows about it so their genius innovation doesn’t spread. Surely it’s unacceptable that people may miss out simply because research can’t be found and/or isn’t clear. The problem seems to be that, although NGOs conduct […]

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