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Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark is a philanthropy consultant, product manager, and composer working to help artists thrive. He served as the Director of Platform at New Music USA, where he continues to consult.

Kevin speaks and writes on arts economics, technology in the arts and non-profit worlds, and philanthropy. His compositions use theater, comedy, and digital platforms in combination with acoustic instruments. He serve as a board member for the Live Music Project in Seattle, the Exapno new music community center in Brooklyn, and Con Vivo music in Jersey City. Kevin is a member of Dance/USA‘s technology committee and advises CASH Music.

Posts by Kevin Clark

Building Better Data Policies with Digital Impact

“For the first time, we had to develop organizational guidelines to distinguish between public and private data,” writes Kevin Clark—a reflection on the challenge of reworking his organization’s grants process and building new data policies to reflect its mission.

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