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Civil Society Organizations and GDPR Compliance

A report from OSF looks at how nefarious actors have tried to use the GDPR to stifle public interest research and reporting in the social sector.

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Housing Data Tool Aims to Strengthen Tenants Rights

Digital Impact grantee is using New York City’s housing crisis to lay the groundwork for a nationwide movement built on public data.

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Talk Europe! with Lucy Bernholz

In an interview with ERST Foundation, Lucy Bernholz calls on Europe to impart to tech platforms a set of standards that uphold the ideals of democracy. 4 mins

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Location Privacy: How Protected Are We?

Public Lab is developing a set of tools based on “location blurring,” a new system that would mitigate the abuse of big tech surveillance.

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Upholding Transparency in the Age of Misinformation

Rachel Smith of GlobalGiving is calling on the social sector to help with a new set of standards that will address today’s ethical challenges.

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Bracing for Change

“A new subsector of civil society has emerged – call it the ‘disinformation hunters’ and ‘democracy defenders.’ These activists are helping to create a new face of civil society.”

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A Need for Open Systems

“We need community-based innovation focused on security, privacy, and decentralized governance to keep the portals between the physical and the digital safe for civil society.”

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Civil Society Speaks

“I put out a call to colleagues from around the world to share their thoughts on digital civil society, why it matters, and what makes them hopeful about it.” Lucy Bernholz, DCSL

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