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Caitriona Fay

Caitriona Fay joined Perpetual’s Philanthropy team in January 2103 and is the current National Manager – Philanthropy and Non-Profit Services, a senior role leading Perpetual’s commitment to Philanthropy and the non-profit sector. With nearly fifteen years of philanthropic and grantmaking experience in Australia and Europe, Caitriona has an extensive understanding of national and international funding approaches and mechanisms. Prior to joining Perpetual Caitriona worked with the Heritage Lotter Fund in the UK and more recently led The Ian Potter Foundation’s granting team. She is currently a director of The Channel, a giving circle for and supporting LGBTQI young people. As an inaugural team member of the Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy (LLEAP) research project, Caitriona possess a high level of understanding relating to the trends and challenges in the philanthropic sector within Australia. Her sector knowledge and standing was affirmed in 2012 when she was named the Australian Institute of Grant Management’s inaugural Grantmaker of The Year.

Posts by Caitriona Fay

Funding need, not want

Perpetual Limited is one of Australia’s oldest trustee companies and largest managers of philanthropic funds. The story of how Perpetual refocused its philanthropy business to build non-profit capacity (particularly digital capacity), as opposed to project funding, is nearly 130 years in the making.  In this article we look at how that change occurred and the […]

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