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Chris Delatorre

Chris Delatorre is a communications consultant working in science, tech, and philanthropy to advance digital rights and social equity through the use of ethical tech. Chris is Editor at Digital Impact, and the writer and host of Digital Impact 4Q4, a podcast that covers emerging trends in social sector data. He is currently leading the relaunch of the Digital Impact community.

At George Mason University, Chris managed editorial for a multimedia resource that earned a model program award from the US Department of Education. At WINGS, a global information broker, he launched a communications program for a network of 20K organizations in 40 countries. Later, at TechSoup, he led a team of experts to position the forum as a global resource for the sector and a content partner for brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, and Box. Chris has contributed to a range of publications, including Singularity Hub and Vogue, and worked with the United Nations to advance ethical tech worldwide.

Posts by Chris Delatorre

10 Reads for Your 2021 List

We made a list of notable books (and a few articles) from 2020 that will inform and inspire you and your organization this year.

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Internet Sleuthing 2.0: Standards for Digital Open Source Investigations

Author and human rights advocate Alexa Koenig explains how the Berkeley Protocol will empower the next generation of human rights defenders.

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A New Approach to Solving the Paradox of Platform Neutrality

Two architects of Ethos, a new suite of tools from GlobalGiving, explain how empathy can help to address the paradox of platform neutrality.

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Investing in Digital Infrastructure: A Roadmap for Funders

A guide from TAG, NetHope, NTEN, and TechSoup looks at how funders can invest in three core elements of digital infrastructure.

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Rethinking Civic Space in an Age of Intersectional Crises

Authors of a report on the closing of civic space are calling on funders to realize their potential through collaborative and targeted interventions.

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Reinventing How COVID-19 Data Is Shared

As the spread of disinformation continues, CSOs and academic institutions are developing new ways to share data about the pandemic.

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Computational Propaganda and the Global Disinformation Order

With disinformation on the rise and civic space closing worldwide, experts across the social sector are working to create a more independent and inclusive digital infrastructure.

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Can a Machine Learn Inclusivity? That Depends on the Teacher

The 4Q4 podcast returns with an introspective look at machine learning with a researcher who is helping to counteract bias.

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Technology as a Strategic Tool for Moving Forward

A new guide from the Technology Association of Grantmakers, NetHope, NTEN, and TechSoup positions technology as a tool for overcoming adversity.

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#RaceTechCS Twitter Chat

Activists, scholars, and policy experts discuss how tech contributes to inequity and offer ways to build a more resilient civil society.

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