About Us

Digital Impact helps social sector practitioners to use digital resources safely, equitably, and effectively toward mission.

Our Work

A core capacity of every modern civil society organization is managing and governing digital resources in ways that advance its mission in line with its values. To support this, Digital Impact fosters an online community dedicated to the exchange of practical data-related knowledge and expertise; hosts in-person and virtual conversations that support knowledge sharing, ideation, research, and cross-sector collaboration; and develops ready-to-use tools, policies, and resources for data governance in the social sector. View our full Data Usage Policy and learn more about how social sector organizations are navigating new data privacy regulations.

Our Founding Leadership Council

Stanford PACS & the Digital Civil Society Lab

Digital Impact is an initiative of the Digital Civil Society Lab (DCSL) at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS). Stanford PACS develops and shares knowledge to improve philanthropy, strengthen civil society, and effect social change, connects students, scholars and practitioners, and publishes the preeminent journal, the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The digital age has transformed civil society participation and organization, and presented new challenges and threats. Our dependencies on digital software and infrastructure require new insights into how these digital systems work and how an independent civil society can engage them safely, equitably, and effectively. The DCSL aims to understand how digital technology transforms civil society and shapes these transformations across the interconnected domains that support a thriving and independent civil society in the digital age: technology, organizations, policy, and social norms.