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Based on your past interaction with the Policy Wizard, the following policy sections may meet your needs.

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There are many types of policies to consider. Based on your answers to a few questions this wizard will highlight a subset that will be useful to you. You can return at any time to select other categories. Note: If you answer “yes” to all the questions you will be directed to the full policy suite!

Do you have a website or do you send group emails or use an email list product?
Do you collect information on the people you work with (such as email address, mailing address, phone, names) and is that information stored on computers, servers, in the cloud, or on mobile devices?
Do you host speakers or events that use recording devices (audio or video)?
Do you publish reports, photos, videos, or artwork online?
Do you use databases created by others (such as donor lists, public databases, issue or region specific data, or others)?
Do you use consultants or contractors to help with IT, software, fundraising, finance, or HR information?
Do you have a stated set of values about transparency or is sharing information part of your organizational mission?

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These policy sections are updated frequently. Check back often.

These policies are provided as prompts that you can modify to fit your organization. Do not adopt any policies without first discussing the issues with your organization’s leadership and board, and discussing with legal counsel.

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