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Andrew Means

Andrew Means is Head of the Beyond.Uptake Foundation and Co-Founder of The Impact Lab. He has previously held leadership positions at The University of Chicago’s Center for Data Science & Public Policy, Groupon, and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago. He holds a Master in Public Policy from the Harris School at the University of Chicago. Andrew is a member of the Board of Directors at Ingenuity Inc.

Posts by Andrew Means

Reflections: Data on Purpose / Do Good Data

On a rainy morning in February, 450 of us gathered on Stanford’s campus for the Data on Purpose / Do Good Data conference, hosted by the Stanford Social Innovation Review and the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. This year we combined two existing conferences – hence the […]

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The Missing Power of the Beneficiary

Have you ever thought about the power you hold in your wallet? Consumers in a capitalist economy, taken collectively, change the world. They drive markets. They push entrepreneurs to innovate. They cause businesses to compete with one another to provide the best experience for customers. When they deliver value to consumers, they flourish. When they fail […]

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Data Conversation with Asha Curran

Asha Curran, one of GivingTuesday’s chief architects, shares success stories from the frontline.

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Data Conversation with Rachel Rank

Rachel Rank, Chief Executive of 360Giving, talks about her organization’s open data initiative for grantmaking.

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This Year, Give the Gift of Transparency

It’s that time of the year again. End of year appeals are going out. Annual reports are being drafted. And each of them is going to contain stories—lots and lots of stories. Stories about how powerful our programs are. Stories that show lives being changed. Stories that are meant to compel readers to open up their […]

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Expanding the Social Impact Measurement Toolkit

Andrew Means wants social sector data practitioners to take a more open-minded perspective toward alternate data methodologies.

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Data Conversation with Jake Porway

Jake Porway, Founder and Executive Director of DataKind, talks about his work to harness the power of data science in service of humanity.

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Data Conversation with Laura Callanan

Laura Callanan, Founding Partner at Upstart Co-Lab, talks about driving impact investment and innovation in creative arts and enterprise.

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Data Conversation with Jake Garcia

Jake Garcia, Vice President for Data and Technology Strategy at Foundation Center, talks about building and leveraging data science skills in the social sector.

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Data Conversation with Steve MacLaughlin

Steve MacLaughlin, Director of Analytics at Blackbaud, talks about his new book.

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