This section includes checklists and worksheets developed by the Digital Impact team and by peer organizations that you can adapt to your work.

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Data Governance Workbook

Want to tackle data governance but don’t know where to begin? This workbook is a starter kit.

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Digital Data Inventory

This simple one-page inventory is an easy way to take stock of your organization’s digital data.

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Data for Mission

What data do you need to achieve your mission, and how do you get it?

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Organizational Policy Inventory

This worksheet will help you find the gaps in your organization’s digital policy suite.

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Digital Organizational Chart

This chart will help you visualize your organization’s staff and board structure, and identify responsibility for digital data, skills and capacity.

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Proposal Development Guide

This checklist will help you incorporate good data management and governance into your program and funding proposals.

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Proposal Review Guide

This tool is designed for reviewers of grant applications that involve use or development of digital data or tools.

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How to Hire a Data Expert

These guidelines will help shape a good working relationship between external data experts (volunteers or contractors) and nonprofits or foundations.

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