This section provides templates with sample language you can use to inform your organization’s policy choices.

Within each category you will find sample language help you move through the decision-making process more quickly and provide you with sample language that can help you articulate your organization’s values. Use these to inform your staff and board discussions as you create policies. You should consult with a lawyer before finalizing official organizational policies.

Policy Wizard

Answer a few questions to be guided to the right types of policies for your organization.

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Privacy policies are used on websites to explain to people how the organization collects and uses their digital data.

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Intellectual Property

These policies apply to digital information you create, collect, and share including text, video, photographs, and quantitative data.

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Terms of Service

Organizations use Terms of Service on their websites to explain their responsibilities for what takes place on the site.

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Vendor Contracts

These sample policies cover the use of an organization’s data by software or hardware vendors or consultants, including volunteers.

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Consent for Data

Organizations often collect data from people in digital form, or that they plan to digitize later. This can happen in many forms – conducting interviews, running surveys, or recording a visiting speaker’s presentation.

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Database Licenses

Many organizations license data from other sources. These policies will help you think about the terms under which you do so.

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Data Philosophies

Many organizations are developing policies that reflect a commitment to share data openly and accessibly.

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