News, The COVID-19 Roundup

Metrics are Driving Disinformation

Prioritizing news distribution over reporting makes journalists and platforms active participants in spreading misinformation.

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Race, Tech & Civil Society, Virtual Roundtables

Protecting the Black Vote During COVID-19

Activists and policy experts look at how disinformation is being used to reduce Black voter turnout and further disenfranchise communities of color.

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Race, Tech & Civil Society, Virtual Roundtables

Legitimizing True Safety

The the first in a series of discussions on race, tech, and civil society examines police surveillance in Detroit.

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Digital Infrastructure in Times of Crisis

If digital infrastructure is the backbone of civil society and democratization, then why aren’t we doing more to protect it?

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Grants, Virtual Roundtables

Algorithmic Bias: Better Policy and Practice for Civil Society

In this 2018 virtual roundtable, experts in tech and data ethics explore how civil society organizations can work toward better policy for predictive technologies.

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Welcome to the Markets for Good Conversation

Brian Walsh of Liquidnet writes, “We hope that this site will serve as the ‘virtual water cooler’ for a sustained, thoughtful conversation about what is needed to improve the social sector’s ability to generate, share, and use information.”

Let Our Data Define Us – Part I

In the first of a two-part post, Lucy Bernholz issues a challenge to the social sector: discover the potential in our data and change the way we use it.

Beth Kanter: Doing The Math Ourselves

What are the skills and mindsets that nonprofits need to embrace data for social change? Guest blogger Beth Kanter talks…

Jacob Harold on GuideStar and Digital Infrastructure

Social strategist and author Jacob Harold shares his vision of a solid information infrastructure and how it could work in the social sector.

Rebecca Thomas: Faster, Smarter Nonprofit Financial Analysis, Part I

It’s worth taking the time to learn to “speak” with numbers, writes  Rebecca Thomas, noted financial planning and management consultant…

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