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Markets For Good

Markets for Good was a platform launched in 2012 to help increase social impact through good data practice. The Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS acquired Markets for Good in 2016.

Posts by Markets For Good

Lessons on Supporting Open Data Leadership

Open Data Institute has released a method report highlighting lessons on supporting public sector open data leaderships.

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Locking the Web Open

The Locking the Web Open summit is open to all those committed to participating in and helping to create what Lucy Bernholz calls “digital civil society.”

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#EarthDay2016: Monitor Air Quality With a Tweet

IndiaSpend is India’s first data journalism initiative that uses open data to analyze a range of issues in order to foster better accountability in government.

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The dirty little secret that data journalists aren’t telling you

  Jake Porway expressed in his piece “The Trials and Tribulations of Data Visualization for Good,” that, “data visualization without rigorous analysis is at best just rhetoric and, at worst, incredibly harmful.” Christopher Ingraham continues this discussion in his article, “The dirty little secret that data journalists aren’t telling you.”   In his examination of […]

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Website Seeks to Make Government Data Easier to View and Understand

  Contributors to the Markets For Good community have highlighted the importance of understanding data, and beyond simply understanding it, visualizing it and making it digestible.   Now Data USA, the brainchild of M.I.T. Media Lab with support from Deloitte, has opened the floodgates to years of federal government, state, and city data to the […]

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Why Data Minimization Is An Important Concept In The Age of Big Data

  Data is a good thing, and as we know you can never have too much of a good thing, right? And as Bernard Marr asks in his recent piece, “bigger is always better, right?”   As big data continues to grow and become more easily accessible, Marr raises the point that bigger is not […]

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Civic Crowdsourcing 101

As President Obama takes to SXSW to encourage techies to join government, we need to ask not only how technology can improve democracy, but how democracy must shape civic technology.

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Ebola: A Big Data Disaster

Released this month, the study “Ebola: A Big Data Disaster,” written by Sean McDonald with the support of the Open Society Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Media Democracy Fund, leaves no stone unturned as it explores the use of Big Data in the form of Call Detail Record (CDR) data in humanitarian crises. This study raises […]

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5 Articles That Highlight the Importance of Open Data

To celebrate Open Data Day, we revisit five articles from years past that are still relevant to conservations surrounding open data.

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Knight Prototype Fund invests in 11 new projects that unlock the power of data

Hot on the heels of the Knight News Challenge, the Knight Foundation is continuing to prove their dedication to the world of data by announcing the 11 projects that will receive funding through the Knight Prototype Fund. In fact, nine of the projects were also winners of the Knight News Challenge on Data. The Knight […]

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