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Finding Your Place on the Journey to Data Maturity, Part 2

UK-based Data Orchard shares key lessons from producing its first online self-assessment and benchmarking tool.

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Race, Tech & Civil Society: Legitimizing True Safety

Join us on June 3 for the first in a series of discussions at the intersection of race, technology, and civil society.

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Field Notes

Facing the Challenge of an Evolving Digital Civil Space

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline is helping to build people-first digital infrastructures, one content moderation request at a time.

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EDRi Launches Hub to Track Digital Rights Amid Pandemic

EDRi’s investigation of COVID-19 era surveillance includes recommendations from digital rights watchdog organizations.

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Watched and Still Dying

Social justice advocate Tawana Petty writes, “We fear the unknown and what we don’t understand and sometimes that fear turns us into people we might not otherwise be.”

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