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John Hecklinger

John Hecklinger is Chief Program Officer of GlobalGiving, leading the organization’s effort to be an ever more effective platform for grassroots social entrepreneurs and NGO partners to connect directly with funding sources.

Posts by John Hecklinger

Fixing The Feedback Loop

There’s visible progress in the social sector with respect to how organizations listen to and incorporate feedback from the people they serve. But, John Hecklinger of GlobalGiving proposes that we’re at risk of only fits and starts (not real progress) toward a truly robust system to gain beneficiary feedback if we don’t consider how our […]

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Making Technology a Sustainable Route to Good

According to John Hecklinger, Chief Program Officer of GlobalGiving, the powerful tools and technologies we are creating are helping us solve social problems, but they could work better if they were to work together. He argues for explicitly connecting them so that the information they generate flows more freely and becomes more easily accessible to the […]

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