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On July 9, Join the #RaceTechCS Twitter Chat

The Race, Tech & Civil Society series continues with a Twitter chat on July 9th at 11am PT. Tweet @dgtlimpact with #RaceTechCS.

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News, The COVID-19 Roundup

Metrics are Driving Disinformation

Prioritizing news distribution over reporting makes journalists and platforms active participants in spreading misinformation.

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Race, Tech & Civil Society, Virtual Roundtables

Protecting the Black Vote During COVID-19

Activists and policy experts look at how disinformation is being used to reduce Black voter turnout and further disenfranchise communities of color.

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News, The COVID-19 Roundup

Unmasking Racial Inequality Amid COVID-19

Police surveillance amid the pandemic underscores discriminatory policies against Black Americans.

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Algorithmic Bias: Better Policy and Practice for Civil Society

In this 2018 virtual roundtable, experts in tech and data ethics explore how civil society organizations can work toward better policy for predictive technologies.

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Which Data? And Who Will Pay for It?

Performance assessment is an acknowledged necessity for nonprofits to operate effectively and attract capital. Phil Buchanan discusses the role of…

Making Technology a Sustainable Route to Good

According to John Hecklinger, Chief Program Officer of GlobalGiving, the powerful tools and technologies we are creating are helping us…

Children’s Parties and the Demise of the Soviet Union

GlobalGiving CEO Mari Kuraishi speaks her view on the explicit and implicit structures that would define a new information infrastructure for the social sector.

Filling the Nonprofit Information Vacuum

Cinthia Schuman Ottinger, Deputy Director for Philanthropy Programs at the Aspen Institute’s  Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, discusses the…

Examining the Market Approach

Nick Deychakiwsky, Program Officer of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, raises a few questions that go to the core of…

The Bear And The Ladle, Part II

If, in part I, we were urged to adjust our lens for viewing social problems, Katya Smyth continues the disruption…

Faster, Smarter Nonprofit Financial Analysis, Part II

In Part I of this two-part look at financial analysis for nonprofits, Rebecca Thomas gave insight into the “why” of…

A New Reporting Commitment

Guest post from Darin McKeever, a deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, regarding a major new agreement…

The Bear And The Ladle, Part I

The momentum toward  better use and sharing of data is clear. But, before simply continuing the march forward, Katya Smyth…

Let Our Data Define Us – Part II

Lucy Bernholz outlines a new definition for the sector at the forefront of taking on our biggest challenges.