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On July 9, Join the #RaceTechCS Twitter Chat

The Race, Tech & Civil Society series continues with a Twitter chat on July 9th at 11am PT. Tweet @dgtlimpact with #RaceTechCS.

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News, The COVID-19 Roundup

Metrics are Driving Disinformation

Prioritizing news distribution over reporting makes journalists and platforms active participants in spreading misinformation.

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Race, Tech & Civil Society, Virtual Roundtables

Protecting the Black Vote During COVID-19

Activists and policy experts look at how disinformation is being used to reduce Black voter turnout and further disenfranchise communities of color.

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News, The COVID-19 Roundup

Unmasking Racial Inequality Amid COVID-19

Police surveillance amid the pandemic underscores discriminatory policies against Black Americans.

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Algorithmic Bias: Better Policy and Practice for Civil Society

In this 2018 virtual roundtable, experts in tech and data ethics explore how civil society organizations can work toward better policy for predictive technologies.

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Housing Data Tool Aims to Strengthen Tenants Rights

Digital Impact grantee JustFix.nyc is using New York City’s housing crisis to lay the groundwork for a nationwide movement built on public data.

Talk Europe! with Lucy Bernholz: Philanthropy in the Digital Age

In an interview with ERST Foundation, Lucy Bernholz calls on Europe to impart to tech platforms a set of standards that uphold the ideals of democracy.

Location Privacy: How Protected Are We?

Public Lab is developing a set of tools based on “location blurring,” a new system that would mitigate the abuse of big tech surveillance.

Upholding Transparency in the Age of Misinformation

Rachel Smith of GlobalGiving is calling on the social sector to help with a new set of standards that will address today’s ethical challenges.

What Happens if We Ignore the Warning Signs of Change?

In the last of a five-part series, Lucy Bernholz identifies larger, contextual shifts that are shaping philanthropy and digital civil society.

The State of Open Humanitarian Data 2020

A new report from the Centre for Humanitarian Data aims to increase awareness of data that is available and missing across humanitarian operations.

Harry Potter at the Crossroads: We Need New Open Systems

As Lucy Bernholz writes, we need to lose the old-fashioned concept of going online and address how and why we’re controlled by our digital systems.

Can Data Make Bad Housing Practice a Thing of the Past?

Digital Impact grantee JustFix.nyc is leading a data coalition whose aim is to further housing justice in New York City and beyond.

Where Is Digital Civil Society in 2020?

As civil society is now digital we face new decisions at every level, from the individual to the organizational. Who and what will we be?

Building the Blueprint: Digital Civil Society Speaks

People from around the world share their thoughts on digital civil society, why it matters, and what makes them hopeful about it.