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10 Reads for Your 2021 List

We made a list of notable books (and a few articles) from 2020 that will inform and inspire you and your organization this year.

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Computational Propaganda and the Global Disinformation Order

With disinformation on the rise and civic space closing worldwide, experts across the social sector are working to create a more independent and inclusive digital infrastructure.

Can a Machine Learn Inclusivity? That Depends on the Teacher

The 4Q4 podcast returns with an introspective look at machine learning with a researcher who is helping to counteract bias.

Closing the Fairness Gap in Machine Learning

With racial unrest shedding new light on AI’s fairness problem, an open source tool developed with the help of Digital Impact aims for a more holistic fix.

Technology as a Strategic Tool for Moving Forward

A new guide from the Technology Association of Grantmakers, NetHope, NTEN, and TechSoup positions technology as a tool for overcoming adversity.

#RaceTechCS Twitter Chat

Activists, scholars, and policy experts discuss how tech contributes to inequity and offer ways to build a more resilient civil society.

Have We Forgotten the Human Aspect of Technology?

The pandemic has nonprofits accelerating their use of tech, overwhelming many whose operations aren’t designed for digital.

Metrics are Driving Disinformation

Prioritizing news distribution over reporting makes journalists and platforms active participants in spreading misinformation.

Protecting the Black Vote During COVID-19

Activists and policy experts look at how disinformation is being used to reduce Black voter turnout and further disenfranchise communities of color.

Unmasking Racial Inequality Amid COVID-19

Police surveillance amid the pandemic underscores discriminatory policies against Black Americans.

Is the Jury Still Out on Zoom?

Overreliance on platforms like Zoom could result in a further loss of rights for those adversely affected by predictive tech and the digital divide.