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Sian Basker

Sian Basker is a social entrepreneur passionate about the role of data and digital technology for making the world a better place. Her primary focus is on helping nonprofit organizations become more data-driven and achieve greater impact. In 2015, in partnership with DataKind UK, she led Data Orchard’s pioneering national research on data in the nonprofit sector. Data Evolution explored the organizational journey towards ‘mastery’ and created the 2017 data maturity framework to measure progress.

Sian became a ‘data champion’ following over twenty-five years of exploring new frontiers in digital technology and bringing the benefits to the nonprofit sector. She developed services to promote awareness and build digital technology capabilities in four UK regions, and was chair of the national ICT hub from 2004 to 2008. Sian has held senior roles in digital strategy and management with local, national, and international charities. She’s also worked in impact measurement, business development, and trustee roles.

Sian’s roots are in digital access and inclusion. She helped create the UK’s first public Internet access programs in the early 1990s and co-founded the first women’s online resource center. Since then she’s helped numerous marginalized and disadvantaged communities to have a voice and get online. Sian has an MSc in Data Science and Analytics and a BSC Hons in Mathematics and Science & Technology Policy.

Posts by Sian Basker

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