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Argyri Panezi

Argyri Panezi is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford’s Digital Civil Society Lab. Argyri’s work explores the effects that disruptive technologies have on citizens, on institutions, and the law. In the Digital Civil Society Lab, she is examining digital civil society interactions with libraries and other cultural heritage institutions, and the relevant legal frameworks incentivizing distributed methods for building a content infrastructure accessible online. Her current work is on digitization and AI. Argyri has previously written on digitization, on copyright issues related to digital libraries, and on the European legal framework applicable to cultural heritage institutions. She is also exploring regulatory challenges for FOSS that form part of critical digital infrastructure.

Argyri enjoys topics related to art, sciences and the law, the transformation of institutions traditionally holding infrastructural roles within society and their adaptations to remain relevant to the generations of digital natives. Ultimately her work aspires to illuminate the effects that algorithmic speed and AI might have on domains such as labor and consider policy responses to scenarios of technology dystopia.

Posts by Argyri Panezi

Digital Infrastructure in Times of Crisis

If digital infrastructure is the backbone of civil society and democratization, then why aren’t we doing more to protect it?

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