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Krysten Crawford

Krysten Crawford is a freelance writer and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Posts by Krysten Crawford

Introducing a New Cyber Sleuthing Manual for Students

With help from Digital Impact, the Human Rights Center at UC-Berkeley is working to standardize digital open source information for criminal and human rights investigations.

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Closing the Fairness Gap in Machine Learning

With racial unrest shedding new light on AI’s fairness problem, an open source tool developed with the help of Digital Impact aims for a more holistic fix.

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Creating a New Global Standard for Privacy and Location Sharing

A geolocation system developed by citizen scientists could provide potentially life-saving data without eroding the right to privacy.

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Housing Data Tool Aims to Strengthen Tenants Rights

Digital Impact grantee is using New York City’s housing crisis to lay the groundwork for a nationwide movement built on public data.

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Democracy and the Digital Divide: Is Access Enough?

For most people in the world, getting online is too expensive, and for those who can afford it, service is often unreliable or non-existent. What could this mean for democracy?

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Open Data and Economic Ownership in West African Agriculture

Mobile apps are empowering millions of rural farmers across the West African country of Ghana. But there may be a flip side.

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Algorithmic Risk Assessment in Pretrial Detention

With the help of a Digital Impact grant, one Philadelphia-based nonprofit is taking on predictive technology in the criminal justice system, one algorithm at a time.

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Grantee Profile: Good Data Collaborative

The Collaborative’s overarching goal is to jump-start a conversation across the sector—especially among smaller civil society players—about responsible data.

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Grantee Profile: ImpactView

With the help of Digital Impact, a Drexel University professor is developing an interactive tool that would map thousands of nonprofits in their local neighborhoods, starting with Philadelphia.

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Grantee Profile: Data Culture Project

With the help of Digital Impact, MIT’s Rahul Bhargava helped to launch the Data Culture Project, a set of free online tools designed to help organizations build data skills across their teams.

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