Niki Kilbertus

Niki Kilbertus is a doctoral student and researcher at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. Currently a group leader at HelmholtzAI in Munich, he is working toward building socially beneficial, robust, and theoretically substantiated machine learning systems. Niki obtained a PhD in the Cambridge-Tübingen program co-supervised by Bernhard Schölkopf, Carl Rasmussen, and Adrian Weller, and was an Ellis student and member of Pembroke College, funded by the Cambridge-Tübingen PhD fellowship with generous donations from Microsoft. During his PhD, he interned at Deepmind, Google, and Amazon. Niki grew up in Austria, studied Physics and Math in Regensburg, and spent time at Harvard and Stanford during his studies.

Posts by Niki Kilbertus

Can a Machine Learn Inclusivity? That Depends on the Teacher

The 4Q4 podcast returns with an introspective look at machine learning with a researcher who is helping to counteract bias.

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