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Alison Carlman

As Director of Evidence and Learning, Alison helps GlobalGiving generate evidence, share learning, and build networks of peers to explore key topics in philanthropy and development. This work includes primary research to understand and support community-led change, and a collaborative project among philanthropic platform leaders to address the ethical challenges of neutrality. In her former work as GlobalGiving’s Director of Marketing and Communications, she helped develop GlobalGiving’s brand voice and ethical storytelling principles. A Colorado native, Alison studied communication at Pepperdine University and received graduate degrees in community development and monitoring and evaluation from South Africa’s Stellenbosch University. Outside of work, Alison is a mom and wife focused on supporting maternal health organizations and advancing collective giving models like the Giving Project at Chinook Fund in Denver.

Posts by Alison Carlman

A New Approach to Solving the Paradox of Platform Neutrality

Two architects of Ethos, a new suite of tools from GlobalGiving, explain how empathy can help to address the paradox of platform neutrality.

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Platform Neutrality is Dead. Long Live Empathy.

GlobalGiving established a collaboration of more than 100 peers invested in this conversation. The verdict is in: neutrality doesn’t work.

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Community Insights: Alison Carlman

We caught up with Alison Carlman at GlobalGiving to learn how she became involved with the crowdfunding platform and about the opportunities she sees for nonprofits in this space.

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GlobalGiving’s Big Bet

GlobalGiving’s Alison Carlman explains how the crowdfunding platform is using gamification, incentives, and behavioral economics to encourage organizations to listen, act, and learn more efficiently.

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Catalyzing a Global Marketplace

GlobalGiving’s Alison Carlman shares about the crowdfunding platform’s work to incentivize nonprofit effectiveness.

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