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When Nobody Knows You’re a Dog: Tech, Civil Society, and the Fight for Authenticity

Civil society organizations should guard against “authenticity theft,” a troubling trend that may yet reveal a silver lining.

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Internet Health Report Uncovers Three Issues of Growing Concern

Who controls the internet? How open is it? Who is welcome online? Is it safe? Who can succeed there? Mozilla’s Internet Health Report, an open source compilation of data, research, and stories, shows how the internet is evolving across these five issues. The editor of the report, Solana Larsen, joined Digital Civil Society Lab Director […]

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Internet Health: A Checkup for Civil Society

Listen to Lucy Bernholz, Solana Larsen, Dhanaraj Thakur, and Jessica Feldman discuss how we can define, measure, and foster a healthy internet for civil society. Shaped by technology, policy, commerce, culture and a host of other influences, the internet is a dynamic and diverse digital ecosystem whose increasing indispensability presents both opportunities and challenges for […]

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