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Data Labs: Improving Access to Government Data

Data practitioners discuss an emerging data-sharing model that helps dissolve barriers to collaboration while safeguarding sensitive data.

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Grantee Profile: Data Orchard

Hundreds of nonprofits around the world have downloaded the “Data Maturity Framework,” a resource co-developed by UK-based Data Orchard that allows organizations to gauge their proficiency with data.

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You Don’t Need a Data Scientist, You Need a Data Culture

This piece was originally published on Medium. The project is supported by a 2016 Digital Impact Grant. Most of the larger non-profit organizations we work with are scrambling to figure out how to deploy complex technologies like machine learning and “AI” in service of the social good. These include inspiring examples that range from poverty alleviation, […]

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Responsible Data Vs Data Transactions: The Coming Culture Clash

This piece was originally published here by the Social Impact Lab (SIMLab). SIMLab is a recipient of a 2016 Digital Impact Grant as part of the Good Data Collaborative in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Technology, Future of Privacy Forum, and The Engine Room.  SIMLab’s recent consultation on responsible data in practice demonstrated […]

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Utilizing Social Media Data for Public Good

The new report from The Governance Lab includes twelve real-world case studies.

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