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Laura Walker McDonald

Laura Walker McDonald helps organizations use technology in principled and impactful ways to support their mission, drawing on ten years’ global experience in technology, social change work, and entrepreneurship. Laura specializes in how technology works—or doesn’t—for the most vulnerable, and what happens when organizations try new things, leaning on ideas and methodologies from humanitarian aid and development, applied research, software product management and human-centered design, to create spaces people can think and collaborate in.  And she lead close-knit and high-performing teams.

Posts by Laura Walker McDonald

Responsible Data Vs Data Transactions: The Coming Culture Clash

This piece was originally published here by the Social Impact Lab (SIMLab). SIMLab is a recipient of a 2016 Digital Impact Grant as part of the Good Data Collaborative in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Technology, Future of Privacy Forum, and The Engine Room.  SIMLab’s recent consultation on responsible data in practice demonstrated […]

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