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Before Digital Impact there was Markets For Good, a program launched in 2012 to help increase social impact through good data practice. Digital Impact acquired Markets For Good in 2016, and we continued our mission to improve the digital infrastructure for civil society and help social sector practitioners and policymakers use digital resources safely, ethically, and effectively for maximum impact.

Browse the archive (2012-2016) for commentary from many of the experts you’ve come to know through Digital Impact, and learn more about Stanford PACS and the Digital Civil Society Lab here.

Posts by Markets For Good

Children’s Parties and the Demise of the Soviet Union

Markets For Good proposes an upgraded information infrastructure as a fundamental step for the social sector to be able to meet the challenge of solving dynamic social problems. Mari Kuraishi , CEO of GlobalGiving, speaks her view on the explicit and implicit structures that would define that infrastructure and, more importantly, why we will have […]

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More Money for More Good Guide

Guidestar and Hope Consulting launch their free Nonprofit Fundraising Guide, More Money for More Good. Learn more about it in this video. Download the guide.

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Welcome to the Markets for Good Conversation

“We hope that this site will serve as the ‘virtual water cooler’ for a sustained, thoughtful conversation about what is needed to improve the social sector’s ability to generate, share, and use information.”

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Jacob Harold on GuideStar and Digital Infrastructure

Social strategist and author Jacob Harold shares his vision of a solid information infrastructure and how it could work in the social sector.

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Watch Our Video

Markets for Good is an initiative to discover how the social sector can better use and share information to improve outcomes and change lives. Come join the conversation! Markets for Good: The Video from Markets for Good on Vimeo. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens bit by bit. It happens when we all work together; […]

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