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A New Approach to Solving the Paradox of Platform Neutrality

Two architects of Ethos, a new suite of tools from GlobalGiving, explain how empathy can help to address the paradox of platform neutrality.

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Platform Neutrality is Dead. Long Live Empathy.

GlobalGiving established a collaboration of more than 100 peers invested in this conversation. The verdict is in: neutrality doesn’t work.

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Alix Guerrier, GlobalGiving

How can online platforms be held accountable for not doing enough to remove harmful content? Alix Guerrier and GlobalGiving have a plan.

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Upholding Transparency in the Age of Misinformation

Rachel Smith of GlobalGiving is calling on the social sector to help with a new set of standards that will address today’s ethical challenges.

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A Journey Into the Neutrality Paradox

As Rachel Smith of GlobalGiving suggests, misinformation and hate speech aren’t reserved for Facebook. Here’s how social good platforms can stay one step ahead.

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