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Digital Technologies

Six Nonprofits That are Using Data to Change the World

  Following our article from Richard Turner at SolarAid, we’ve been taking a look at some other nonprofits and organisations who are doing some amazing things with data. Originally featured on Umbel, ‘When Big Hearts Meet Big Data: 6 Nonprofits Using Data to Change the World‘ highlights some of these organisations who are  using data […]

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We Need More Data Talent

  We need more data talent in the nonprofit sector. Data has the power to revolutionize our organizations yet we lack the workforce to launch the revolution. So where should this workforce come from?   There are two strategies we can employ to increase the data talent in the sector; attract or develop.   Many […]

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Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2015

Published late last year, Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2015 is an annual industry forecast written by leading philanthropy scholar, Lucy Bernholz, about the social economy. Published via the Foundation Centre’s GrantCraft service, we encourage you to peruse both the Blueprint and the additional resources provided by GrantCraft. The Blueprint gives an overview of the current landscape, […]

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The Two Faces of Data

Giving more data won’t make us wiser and sacrificing more for data’s sake won’t make us safer. What can the social sector learn from the tragedy of Harvey Dent?

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