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Digital Infrastructure

Why the DATA Act Matters

The US Digital Accountability and Transparency Act is a bold bid to transform government spending information from disconnected documents into open data.

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The Grand Challenge of Data Interoperability

The Gates Foundation and Markets For Good have announced a new Grand Challenge of Data Interoperability for ideas that connect data to inform social action.

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Upgrading the Infrastructure for Social Change

Markets for Good has shared a draft of a “vision paper” that signals how and why we think the sector needs to upgrade its information infrastructure.

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Children’s Parties and the Demise of the Soviet Union

GlobalGiving CEO Mari Kuraishi speaks her view on the explicit and implicit structures that would define a new information infrastructure for the social sector.

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Jacob Harold on GuideStar and Digital Infrastructure

Social strategist and author Jacob Harold shares his vision of a solid information infrastructure and how it could work in the social sector.

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