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Data Privacy

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Managing Health Data

Data has been called “the new oil” as private companies discover its value for generating business insights and driving profits. Likewise, the nonprofit and civil society sector — including healthcare organizations — is increasingly using data-driven insights to design better interventions and programs. Unfortunately, the unethical and unsafe use of data in the nonprofit healthcare sector […]

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A Humanitarian Data Ecosystem Founded on Responsible Data

A new UNOCHA concept brief outlines a framework for data responsibility as practice and culture among humanitarian organizations.

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That’s Not Privacy: A call for truth-in-labeling of online data use policies

Before you read this blog post, I need to ask: when was the last time you read a website’s “privacy policy?” I bet you never have. I wouldn’t blame you—who does read those things? The answer is almost no one. And, to be frank, it would be a real problem if they did. If the […]

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Your guide to the key EU-US data-sharing pact

  After days of negotiation, the US and European Union (EU) have reached an agreement, known as the “Privacy Shield,” to better protect and continue to allow the transfer of personal data between the US and EU countries. This new agreement also grants Europeans the ability to seek legal action if they feel their personal […]

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