Zara Rahman

Zara is a researcher, writer and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, culture and technology. She has worked in over twenty countries in the field of information accessibility and data use among civil society. She was the first employee at OpenOil, looking into open data in the extractive industries, then worked for Open Knowledge, working with School of Data on data literacy for journalists and civil society. She now works with communities and organizations to help understand how new uses of data can responsibly strengthen their work. Zara leads research, documentation, and storytelling projects that address the needs of partners and engine room strategic priorities.

Posts by Zara Rahman

The Problem with Palantir

Zara Rahman of The Engine Room sheds light on a new partnership between WPF and Palantir Technologies, a US company with ties to intelligence communities.

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Here’s How One Nonprofit Is Preparing for the GDPR

Zara Rahman of The Engine Room likens GDPR preparation to a “spring cleaning” exercise, suggesting ways nonprofits can track their internal GDPR-related activities.

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Good Data Collaborative: Defining Responsible Data for Nonprofits

Podcast and Transcript: Experts discuss responsible data, power, and the role of data and ethics in the tech for good space.

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Moving Society Into the Digital

“For too long, ‘partnership’ efforts have been far more about getting perceived ‘developing’ countries to be more like ‘developed’ countries.”

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