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The Engine Room helps activists, organizations, and other social change agents make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. Since 2011, the nonprofit has supported more than 200 organizations, big and small, from every corner of the globe. The Engine Room believes that technology and data have the potential to dramatically accelerate the impact of any group or organization that promotes equality, justice, human rights, good governance, and accountability.

With funding from a 2016 Digital Impact grant, The Engine Room joined the Center for Democracy & Technology, SIMLab, and Future of Privacy Forum to create the Good Data Collaborative.

Posts by The Engine Room

When Choosing Digital Tools, Consider Context

Laura Guzman of The Engine Room reveals the most important factor in choosing the right digital tools for your organization.

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The Problem with Palantir

Zara Rahman of The Engine Room sheds light on a new partnership between WPF and Palantir Technologies, a US company with ties to intelligence communities.

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Grantee Profile: Good Data Collaborative

The Collaborative’s overarching goal is to jump-start a conversation across the sector—especially among smaller civil society players—about responsible data.

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Here’s How One Nonprofit Is Preparing for the GDPR

Zara Rahman of The Engine Room likens GDPR preparation to a “spring cleaning” exercise, suggesting ways nonprofits can track their internal GDPR-related activities.

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Data Privacy and Security: From Mandate to Mission

Lucy Bernholz moderates a discussion on how social sector organizations can utilize data while integrating responsible data governance into their culture.

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Good Data Collaborative: Defining Responsible Data for Nonprofits

Podcast and Transcript: Experts discuss responsible data, power, and the role of data and ethics in the tech for good space.

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Moving Society Into the Digital

“For too long, ‘partnership’ efforts have been far more about getting perceived ‘developing’ countries to be more like ‘developed’ countries.”

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Three Concepts of Social Sector Transformation

Alix Dunn of The Engine Room defines three concepts of transformation in the social sector and explains how they’re connected.

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