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Blast From The Past – Celebrating Open Data Day

In celebration of Open Data Day on March 5th, we are revisiting five articles that highlight open data and are still relevant to current conservations surrounding open data.


On March 5th communities around the world will be gathering to write applications, liberate data, create visualisations, and publish analyses using open data. Coined “Open Data Day,” this global movement shows support of and encourages the expansion of open data. Open data remains a critical talking point in the Markets For Good community, and we are pleased to share with you five articles published through Markets For Good that highlight the international importance of open data.


DATAWhy The Data Act Matters

Hudson Hollister


On May 9th, President Obama signed the U.S. Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, or DATA Act. The new law is a bold bid to transform the U.S. federal government’s spending information, in all its complexity, from disconnected documents into open data. Today, we present what it says, how it passed, and why it matters. Read more.



juna2r-300x300Value Equations For Open Data

Diego May


Diego May, CEO and co-founder of Junar, gives a quick dissection of the value equation for open data.  As we sort through ways to make open data sustainable to produce and sustainable as a business driver, things can quickly become complex. But, no matter how complex the technologies or the process of deploying new data sets, there’s no avoiding the simple questions:  “Who values the data?” and “Who’s willing to pay for it?” Read more.



techsoup-global-logo14 Steps Toward Open Data Business Models

TechSoup Global


Since we’re in a nascent space when it comes to open data business models, we’ll do as much looking for components and philosophies underlying them as we will for models in action.  A TechSoupGlobal team consisting of Founder, Daniel Ben-Horin, Jessica Galeria, and Keisha Taylor take up that question – the underlying parts – and recommends four sequential steps that should be the foundation of sustainable business models using open data. Read more.



alpha-soup-2-175x175Beyond Alphabet Soup: 5 Guidelines For Data Sharing

Andy Isaacson


We know (intellectually) not to rely on magical solutions to drive our work. In practice, however, we sometimes fall into the trap of unwitting, magical assumptions. The reality is that underlying any amazing feat we might accomplish, you can bet on solid infrastructure, process and groundwork to account for it. Andy Isaacson, Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies, takes us there – to the heart of responsibly making data usable …and useful for people. Read more.



open-data-key-175x1753 Reasons Why Open Data Will Change The World: A Real-Time View | Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht


We find ourselves in the flurry of activity that is to be expected of the dawn of any movement. On this ground, there is an equalizing factor as the social sector, business, and government are all staring into an opportunity that demands immediate ramping of high-quality data practice. In that sense, I don’t mind the now-sustained hype growing out of the mid-90’s. It signals necessary evolutions, and it surrounds legitimate steps forward, including at the level of our information infrastructure. At points along the route, however, it helps to raise the plow, check the landscape, delete some noise, and return to work. Ben Hecht offers a brief tour to situate our thoughts on the subject and suggests ways we can work for meaningful progress. Read more.



To learn more about Open Data Day or to find an event near you, visit the International Open Data Day Hackathon website.


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