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Why Nonprofits Deserve CRM Innovation

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In our latest news roundup, we take a look at the ways in which nonprofits can benefit from CRM innovation, first published in Destination CRM.


Charitable giving, according to Destination CRM, has exceeded $298 billion in the US alone. In his article ‘Why Nonprofits Deserve CRM Innovation‘, Gabe Cooper calls for software companies to give nonprofits the attention they deserve by creating technology that suits their needs.


Philanthropy is driven by personal connections – donors donate to the causes that speak to them on an emotional level. For modern nonprofits, this takes place on an extremely large scale, and in order to compete effectively they need to create hundreds of these connections to build relationships to fund their causes. For them, nonprofit CRM or ‘donor management software’ is crucial – but innovation in this space is often lacking.


The needs of modern charities have evolved along with technology – but in terms of CRMs, they are often still dependent on archaic technologies built for sales, instead of generosity. But donors aren’t customers – and technology in this space needs to evolve in order to better meet the needs of nonprofits in order to create an impact.


In his piece, Gabe Cooper highlights and expands upon five  ‘philanthropic features’ for CRMs in order to create value in the nonprofit space. These include:


1. Generosity-specific predictive data analytics


2. Giver-managed relationships


3. Completely removing the ‘sales’ paradigm


4. Open APIs and integration


5. Increase efficiency and decrease overhead


Do you think nonprofits deserve CRM innovation? Be sure to check out the original article here, and follow Gabe Cooper at @virtuousgabe.

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