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Open Data Can Ensure That Clean, Safe Water Flows to All

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In our latest news roundup, we take a look at Founder and President of the Water Project Peter Chasse's contribution to HuffPost Impact.


One way The Water Project, and other organisations in the water sector, aim to ensure reliable access to water over time is through ongoing monitoring. In order to realise their commitments and ambitions, significant investments have been made in technologies like mWater, a mobile-monitoring-system accessible from a smart phone, and other tools to make data collection from the field simpler, and more accurate.


In ‘Open Data Can Ensure That Clean, Safe Water Flows to All‘, Peter Chasse, Founder and President of the Water Project talks about how his organisation has helped to foster a culture of transparency. Transparency into each project through detailed reports, as well as accurate monitoring data over time can really communicate to donors the level of impact that their donation has. As the data is increasingly made more available, it can help local stakeholders to demand change and influence policy in ways we haven’t seen before.


Find out more about the Water Project and how open data is impacting their work for good, be sure to check out the original article on the Huffington Post.


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