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How Nonprofits Can Use Data to Maximise Community Impact

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In this news roundup we take a look at how the YMCA uses data to drive memberships, optimise advertising and serve the community better as first seen on the Umbel blog.


At Markets for Good, we try to encourage our readers to better make use of data and information – using data to become more transparent and accountable, improve impact and better communicate your goals with your donors and supporters. But nonprofits can’t simply collect data – they need to use data to drive their organisations forward – they need to use it to answer questions in order to become effective. ‘How Nonprofits Like the YMCA Can Use Data to Maximize Community Impact & ROI‘, first published on the Umbel blog, focuses on how the YMCA of Austin partnered with Umbel used the data collected to drive memberships and community impact.


The data collected enabled the nonprofit to assess programs, optimise their advertising messages, and make better, more informed decisions that would have the greatest impact. Here are some of the things they learned from their partnership:

  • First party data offers deep, actionable insights
  • Once the data was applied, it lead to 4x ROI and 15% increase in memberships in the first month alone
  • Data-driven ads get higher click-throughs


Find out more about how the YMCA used data to maximize community impact by checking out the original article on Umbel! Be sure to follow them on Twitter at @Umbel and @AustinYMCA.