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#MFGLive – Seattle 2014

Last week we officially kicked off the next phase of Markets For Good. Not only did we launch our brand new website – you can read all about the website’s new features here – but our founding partners at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Liquidnet hosted #MFGLive in Seattle, Washington; the largest gathering to date of the Markets For Good community (see below for the full list of participants).

Coinciding with the new website, #MFGLive was assembled not as a conference, but as a two-day hands on workshop focused on the following challenge:

MFGLive Challenge 1

From this, other key issues arose. Notably, how do we set data standards? How do we best measure impact? How do we ensure that data is open, while not breaking our right to privacy?

With a wonderful mix of enlightening talks and well-facilitated break out groups – thank you Humantific! – much ground was covered. Emphasizing results and outcomes, the participants really responded to intense discussions on day 1, which compounded the desire to create effective solutions in small groups on day 2.

Speakers ranged from nonprofit thought leaders, such as Beth Kanter and Lucy Bernholz, through to winners of the ‘Grand Challenges Exploration’(highlighted here LINK). We even heard from Jonathan Greenblatt, of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation at the White House. For a more in-depth look at the agenda, talks and discussion, check out the #MFGLive Storify.

It’s one thing to talk about problems, it’s a whole other to make progress with tangible action. After two days of diverging, converging, and hatching creative plans to tackle some of the biggest data and information related issues the social sector faces, the participants focused in on a number of concepts and efforts they committed to work on in small teams. The first of which is a set of principals for the Markets for Good movement – we will be highlighting these principles in the coming weeks.

We will use this website to track the progress made by the #MFGLive participants.

In the coming months we will also be featuring the works, opinions and ideas of many of the #MFGLive participants.

Enjoy our new website, soak up the learnings that come out of #MFGLive, and let’s look to build a real community around this drive for social change together.


Those of you active on Twitter will have noticed a flurry of activity, relating to #MFGLive, and we hope you enjoyed the pictures, quotes, and questions. For those who missed out, never fear, we have turned the tweets into a lively post here (LINK).

Below is the list of #MFGLive participants:

Ana Alberts Charub
Greg Amrofell Intentional Futures
Jamie Attard Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Greg Baldwin VolunteerMatch
David Bank Impact IQ Inc.
Eleanor Bell Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Avery Bell Intentional Futures
Ken Berger Charity Navigator
Lucy Bernholz Stanford DCS Lab
Meredith Blair The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
David Bonbright Keystone Accountability
Adrian Bordone Social Solutions Global, Inc.
Elizabeth Boris Urban Institute
Joana Breidenbach
Tamara Christensen Humantific
Jackie Closurdo Humantific
Andy Cook bgC3
Mark Corbett I.G. Advisors
Zach D’Angelo Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundati
Josh Daniel bgC3
Tushar Deshpande Foundation Center
Suzanne DiBianca Salesforce Foundation
Michael Diederich Intentional Futures
Annie Donovan CoopMetrics
Jeffrey Falkenstein Foundation Center
Janet Getto Humantific
Jonathan Greenblatt Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation
Emily Hansen Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jacob Harold GuideStar
Jennifer Hauseman Gates Foundation
John Hecklinger GlobalGiving Foundation
Michele Jolin Results for America
Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog
Sarah Koch Case Foundation
Stacie Kronthal Network for Good
Mari Kuraishi GlobalGiving
Kim Laughton Schwab Charitable
Michael Lenczner Ajah & PoweredbyData
Tristan Lumley NPC
Nancy MacPherson The Rockefeller Foundation
Ian Magee Heron Foundation
Rebecca Masisak TechSoup Global
Annie Maxwell Skoll Global Threats Fund
Ian McAllister Amazon
Mike McCamon
Sean McDonald Social Impact Lab
Darin McKeever Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Andrew Means Center for Data Science & Public Policy, UChicago
Jane Meseck Microsoft
Valentina Miosuro Humantific
Carlos Miranda I.G. Advisors
Thomas Moroz Techné Verde
Perla Ni GreatNonprofits
Gisli Olafsson NetHope
Andrew Palmer Development Initiatives
Elizabeth Pastor Humantific
Evan Paul GuideStar
Jason Payne Palantir
Hilary Pennington Ford Foundation
Carmen Perez CECP
Cheryl Porro Salesforce Foundation
David Proctor-Bonbright Keystone Accountability
Laura Quinn Idealware
Saara Romu Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Robert Rosen Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jean-Louis Sarbib Development Gateway
David Sasaki Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Cinthia Schuman Ottinger The Aspen Institute
Rikha Sharma Rani Solutions Journalism Network
Pushpa Singh Civil Society Information Services India (GuideStar India)
Gavin Starks Open Data Institute
Art Taylor BBB Wise Giving Alliance
Henry Timms 92Y
Brian Walsh Liquidnet
Dara Westling TechSoup Global
Kaitlyn Woods Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Parastou Youssefi Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation