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Welcome to the Next Stage of Markets for Good

We’ve been working hard over the last couple of months to revamp our website and introduce brand new features—many of which were recommended by our long-time readers. While the site may have gotten a redesign, our core mission remains the same:

The purpose of Markets for Good is to increase the social sector’s capacity to generate, share, and use information. We believe this will help improve decision making, leading to greater social impact.

The social sector is faced with a range of information related challenges: from a basic lack of understanding among the unconverted to the use of different standards by the experts (learn more about these challenges in our video and ebook). However, here at Markets for Good we are fully prepared to tackle these challenges. To help you, our readers, better enjoy and utilize our new site, it is divided into four sections:

Blog Posts. Our blog is now separated into four areas: Profiles and Interviews, From the Field, Viewpoints and News Roundup. The idea is that we want to give you a broader range of articles, from the standard blog entries you’ve come to know us for, through to exciting new features on how organizations are effectively utilising data, to illuminating opinions from pioneers within our sector.

Vision. A dedicated page filled with information on what we’re trying to achieve.

Resources. Rather than rely on purely our own content, we’ve compiled some of the most useful resources of all types (publications, reports, videos, etc.) and categorised them for you, right here. It is however, only a start, so please get in touch via email if you want to recommend your own.

Community. This site is here to be both a resource, and a portal to connect, collaborate and solve problems together. To grow this sense of community, we have now built a section to highlight people in the industry who are working hard to create the great digital ecosystem we need. Currently, it is populated with previous contributors to the site, but please get in touch via email if you would like to add yourself, or others you think should be a part of this.

We believe that Markets for Good is a vehicle capable of achieving a great deal, and with your help, we will tread new ground. As Jacob Herald states in his look back at the founding of Markets For Good, we are “a collective effort to build a better world.  Perhaps someday history will judge it worthy to be called a social movement.”