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Markets For Good Interview: Debbie Adler

I have just had the opportunity to catch up with Debbie Adler (Debbie Adler Consulting) at the The Aspen Institute’s Socrates Society Seminars. As one of the conversations of the day turned to nonprofits and fundraising, we decided to stop and recap a few good points in a quick interview. Many thanks to Debbie for taking a moment out of the seminar to visit with us. Listen closely to learn about some of the pitfalls that nonprofits face, particularly with setting up the proper data infrastructure (both tech and strategy) for email based campaigns.

Debbie Adler helps organizations use digitalĀ  media to grow. She has led highly regarded campaigns and engagements for clients ranging from X Factor USA to Homeboy Industries, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the World Economic Forum Young Leaders Group.