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instaGiv Launches New Data Capture Tool For Charities

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Today we're taking a look at iAddress, a new tool from charity mobile text experts instaGiv, originally featured on Charity Digital News.


Donations received through text are increasingly popular as a way to fundraise effectively, especially as society as a whole moves away from cash and towards online and contactless methods of payment. In terms of insight and targeted campaigns for charities, however, the retention of donors and donor acquisition was challenging – until now.


Through their new SMS function iAddress, charity mobile text specialist instaGiv are able to verify and collect data through their text message campaigns. The tool enables charities to instantly verify and collect opted-in donor names and addresses, enabling them to instantly add these new donors to their supporter databases or CRM systems. This allows these supporters to be included in integrated fundraising programs, and can provide insight into future campaigns.


According to instaGiv director Iain Williams, “iAddress enhances the channel’s potential for donor acquisition and ongoing relationships. By adding this function to text campaigns we’re enabling charities to do so much more than fundraising appeals for one-off donations. Creative and engaging campaigns raise funds and can now quickly and very simply grow your supporter base for ongoing communications via phone, text and post for fully integrated fundraising and donor stewardship programmes.”


Does it bring results? It’s still early days, but iAddress has been piloted successfully for Macmillan Cancer Support and The Eve Appeal, with responses up to levels of 70%.


Find out more about iAddress by reading the original article by Rebecca Horsley here, featured on Charity Digital News, or by following instaGiv on Twitter.


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