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Imagining a Social Sector Powered by Information


Creating social change is hard. And in an increasingly complex, interconnected world, the demand for tangible proof of social change and impact is only growing. The good news is our collective capacity for social change has also grown stronger. Around the world there are millions of organizations, billions of people, and trillions of dollars devoted to social good.




In the face of that complexity, we need to make the decisions we can, utilizing all the resources available. These decisions require having the right information at the right time. They require proactive organization and generous sharing of the information we have.

The purpose of Markets for Good is to support further development of the “information infrastructure” that enables sharing and use of information in the social sector.

We are driven by a sincere desire to partner with the initiatives, individuals, and organizations currently working to strengthen the social sector. Our goal is not to replicate or replace, but to connect, align, and accelerate efforts that are already underway.

We look forward to engaging with you and to bringing together potential partners that share our passion for upgrading the information infrastructure for social change. Join us as we work toward a better tomorrow.