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Data Can Bring Good Nutrition to Global Fruition

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The ambition to stamp out malnutrition will not be realised without proper evaluation and monitoring. In our latest news roundup, we take a look at Michael Anderson's article for the Guardian.


In ‘Data is the Magic Ingredient That Can Bring Good Nutrition to Global Fruition‘,  Children’s Investment Fund Foundation CEO Michael Anderson talks about how nutrition should be high on the agenda as global leaders meet in New York later this month to discuss the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


He argues that the subject of nutrition has become somewhat of a blind spot. Despite the fact that 161 million children are undernourished globally, current policies and programmes are failing to make an impact. Part of this has to do with the lack of good data in the sector – and in order to better make an impact, the leaders next week will need to increase political commitment and resources, as well as invest in data if the goals are to be met by 2030. As it currently stands, only 74 out of 193 countries have sufficient data to make a meaningful assessments on the progress and targets.


To find out more, be sure to read the original article on the Guardian website, and to follow him on Twitter at @CIFFMichael.

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