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Patricio Boyd

Social entrepreneur with 12 + years experience in starting up ventures that pursue both social and financial goals. Spent years of marvelous and hard learning in the “trenches” of urban and rural microfinance, getting to know incredible people enduring unbelievable conditions. Pioneered social investment in Argentina and then moved on to energy access, developing products for rural families in Argentina and Peru.
Travelled extensively, including uncommon places (to say the least) such as Malawi, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Uganda. Carries unforgettable impressions of all. Now in the trenches of technology, figuring out how to match “People” and “Doing Good” in a virtuous circle. Trying to stay in the forefront of social impact and innovation, focused on adding value with a purpose.

Posts by Patricio Boyd

#GivingTuesday: Latin America

  The first time I heard about #GivingTuesday my immediate reaction was “this can certainly work over here”; “here” being Argentina and Latin America. I did not know of a day to celebrate Giving, but having one made absolute sense. As such, it was with great enthusiasm from OurMark that we decided to take the […]

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