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Oktay Dogramaci

Oktay Dogramaci is the Head of the Global Cause-Related Solutions team and Director of Product Management at PayPal, where he is responsible for nonprofit and donation related product features around the world. He was a co-founder and CTO of MissionFish, eBay Inc.’s nonprofit partner powering cause-marketing and donation programs built into eBay properties since 2003, and during that tenure helped raise a quarter billion dollars for charities.

Posts by Oktay Dogramaci

The Integration of Cause-Related Work Into Business

The “cause-related” silo is a common phenomenon in many companies: the social impact activities are less integrated into the business and each business unit goes about its own way of doing “good.” This isolation can be effective for specific projects, but won’t match the weight of the business impact of the larger enterprise. Oktay Dogramaci, Head […]

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