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Gisli Olafsson

Gisli Olafsson has been the Emergency Response Director of NetHope since November 2010. In his current role he is responsible for emergency preparedness and emergency response activities related to ICT within the NetHope member organizations.

Posts by Gisli Olafsson

Beyond Data Silos in Humanitarian Response

This entry is one of a series of posts we will publish from the winners of the MFG Challenge: Increasing Interoperability of Data for Social Good. Read on for a sharp, prescriptive take on the silo phenomenon. …

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Notes From The Field: The Open Humanitarian Initiative

Gisli Olafsson, Emergency Response Director at NetHope describes a large-scale project underway that is using open data to transform and coordinate humanitarian crisis response: the Open Humanitarian Initiative. If you’re involved in humanitarian work and/or crisis response, feel free to add your comment here on ways that you’re working with open data or seeing it […]

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