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Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey 2015

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Today we’re sharing the 2015 'State of the Sector Survey' to help the Nonprofit Finance Fund collect data on the challenges facing our sector.


Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is conducting its seventh annual nationwide survey examining the current state of the nonprofit sector, and here at Markets For Good, we hope you can add your voice and opinion.


We’re sharing the survey because it collects data on the challenges facing the nonprofit sector. Not only this, but the results also help identify emerging trends.


Previous findings from NFF’s survey have been included in government testimony and policy recommendations, presented at dozens of conferences, and used to bring your challenges to life in new ways. Some examples:


  • Survey data has been quoted by the White House Office of Social Innovation
  • The Independent Sector has used NFF’s Survey data in a paper on increasing investment in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, which was presented to the US Senate Democratic steering committee
  • The New York Times quoted the Survey data in an article about government funding
  • In 2014 alone, the Survey was cited in over 25 press mentions, many of which included substantive usage of the data. The survey also received over 230 press release pickups.




Please click on the link below to take the survey before it closes at end of January, and do pass it on to other nonprofits in your community. The more survey respondents, the more representative and useful the findings will be. It is anonymous and takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out:


NFF will analyze the results, which we look forward to highlighting here at Markets for Good later in the year.

We encourage you to fill out the survey, share with your colleagues and peers, and we’ll let you know when the data and findings are released. If you would like us to share a survey, highlight a piece a work, or even contribute to Markets For Good, please email us at


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