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Race, Tech & Civil Society: Critical Conversations for Times of Crisis

The global pandemic gives new urgency to conversations about race, technology, and civil society. Existing inequities are exacerbated by the disease and exploited by the response to it. Technologies contribute to inequity, but also offer ways to restore justice. This crisis offers a moment to ask the types of questions that will strengthen our collective response and build resilience in our society.

As we depend on digital communications for every aspect of our daily lives, who is left behind? How are technologies being used to surveil communities of color – and how do communities respond to such surveillance? Why is it critical for people impacted by technology to have a voice in how that technology is regulated and employed by governments? How are activists, researchers, and policymakers seeking to create equity in this digitally dependent world? These questions are rooted in our histories, impacting our present moment, and critical to our futures. Join us for conversations with scholars, practitioners, activists, and policy experts to explore these issues and more.

Events in This Series