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Field Notes

Adventures in the Data Revolution: What Revolution?

  On Sunday 29 March ministers from 54 African countries will gather in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to endorse an African Data Consensus, a roadmap for the Data Revolution in Africa. Which begs the question: are we really talking about a revolution and, if so, what kind of revolution?   Talk of a data revolution […]

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Adventures in the Data Revolution: When the Data Tells no Story

  In part one we discussed the challenges of data collection in Uganda. In today’s follow up piece, we have further hurdles that we need to overcome and some rude awakenings in making sense of the collected and analysed data.   This lesson started when we embarked on an effort to build our first comprehensive, […]

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Adventures in the Data Revolution: Collecting Ugandan Data

  Here at Development Initiatives and Development Research and Training (DRT) we are currently piloting a ‘Joined-Up Data’ study in Uganda. We have been working in the rural districts of Kitgum and Katakwi, following the emergence of two issues: (1) the really bad results of students completing primary education, and (2) the unacceptably high number of women still […]

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Riders For Health: Benchmarking Data

  In September, Markets for Good published the first in a series of articles about Riders for Health’s new project in Lesotho. Having worked in the Southern African country since 2009, this new project sees us partner with UNICEF, the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission and the Lesotho Ministry of Health. Our goal is to mobilise […]

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