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Bernard Sabiti

With a background in media, health and Population studies, I am a development professional with a passion in Governance and Transparency issues, currently promoting the Open Data movement in Uganda. A former journalist and expert in ethnographic research, I am currently a researcher with Development Research & Training in Kampala, providing both desk research such as literature reviews, and primary research including interviews, case studies, etc. I have experience in conducting research processes in large multiyear research programmes such as DFID’s African Power & Politics program.

Posts by Bernard Sabiti

Adventures in the Data Revolution: When the Data Tells no Story

  In part one we discussed the challenges of data collection in Uganda. In today’s follow up piece, we have further hurdles that we need to overcome and some rude awakenings in making sense of the collected and analysed data.   This lesson started when we embarked on an effort to build our first comprehensive, […]

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